We're a bunch of 64 people working across 13 states. We're eager to add more dots on the map. Join us, wherever you are.

People Practices

  • re.boot

    Every month, we shut down for a long weekend to force our folks to unwind, recharge, and do stuff they really love doing. Sometimes, it's longer than a long weekend. :)

  • Gifts of Growth

    Every quarter, we come together to appreciate each other's awesomeness, and help each other grow through our challenges. We find this gifting season far more rewarding than performance reviews.

  • Caravan

    Once a year, or when the pandemic allows, we bring the whole team together for a co-working and co-living experience in interesting, safe locations. WFH continues, but it can never replace the human bonds we cherish (and miss) so much.

  • Uppraisals

    Every year, we give flat increments across the organisation, plus ESOPs to every person regardless of their role or experience. We've chosen holistic, collective growth over competitive, individual gain.